COVID-19 : global announcement of actions and positioning in regards to taken measures, client relationship, suppliers and other active services


AndSoft global announcement of actions and positioning in regards to taken measures, client relationship, suppliers and other active services.
In regard to the formal categorization, in terms of Pandemic by the OMS, of the evolution of the virus known as coronavirus, we want to announce to our relational community our working processes and services during these exceptional circumstances.
AndSoft is prepared and able to tackle these uncertain circumstances and guarantee our continued services to our clients.
Protection of our resources

As per definition, and since the beginning, AndSoft’ staff work remotely and none of our employees will notice any drastic changes in their daily life. This enable us the guarantee and respect recommended national and international measures regarding this virus. We are there for providing the necessary guaranties in terms of healthcare towards our employees.  
Active Services

Regarding the above mentioned, and for your reassurance, all our developments and technical support will remain active without alterations including installs in so maintaining our quality KPI’s.
The same channels used to date in interactive media, contact phones and email will be active, so the operations related to us do not change in any case.
Restricted services

We will be restricting our mobility regarding client visits/meetings, except in exceptional cases in which a meeting is necessary. This includes meetings for analysis, consulting and or training. In order to ensure our services, we are available remotely via our usual channels such as Teams, Skype or Enterprise Skype, we can also adapt to the channel of your choice. Our goal is to always be productive no matter the circumstances, wishing that this period be as short as possible for the global good.

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