Why AndSoft?

All our management solutions are developed with web technologies since the year 2000 and we were one of the first companies to release on the market this type of application 100% web.

Thanks to our years of experience, our teams are experts in the development and deployment of web solutions and have gained the necessary competence to respond effectively to your expectations.

We offer a suite of solutions for the management of transport activities and its logistics made up of:

  • A TMS, transport management solution with a large functional coverage
  • A FMS, fleet management solution
  • A Maritime TMS, transport management solution for maritime transportation

Logiciel international gestion transportOpen and international solutions

All our solutions are multi-language, multi-companies, multi-sites and multi-currencies.

Our applications are flexible and adaptable to the specificities of each company and each country.

They are available in various languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian.

We also offer our counsel. With more than a decade of projects behind us, we know the work methods of a lot of companies in different countries.


Solutions transport

AndSoft, offers a solution for all

Our application for the management of the transport activities is for all types of companies, from the biggest to the smallest.

Indeed, we offer a suite of solutions adapted to the trade model of big companies and also market applications destined to small companies as for small and medium companies.
We are structured like a services company and consider our clients as partners. Our relationship is based on trust and the exchange of competence.

Our products adapt to your activity and not the other way round.


Logiciel collaboratifCollaborative Software

Our solutions enable the client to be autonomous in management of the evolution of their application.

AndSoft wishes to avoid a relationship of dependency on the editor and privileges collaborative working methods offering the possibility to the client’s IT departments to develop and personalise their application autonomously.

Please consult the tab Collaborative Software for further information.