The management software is designed to transport shipping companies, it is a 100% web-platform, multi-company and multi-language

It is suitable for these three types of vessels:

  • container carrier
  • RO-RO ferry
  • transport of vehicles

Maritime management

Maritime management

Management of Maritime transport services for rolling cargo and containers.

Management of Ro/Ro-Multipurpose Container Carriers, Car Carriers, Pure Car and Truck Carriers and Ro/Ro-Multipurpose vessels
Spectacular Track-Trace web site for the clients of the maritime company (boarding’s, electronic invoices, container location…).



  • Configuration of the crossings, trips, cargo ships and lines 
  • Advanced tariffs: Boarding’s, Port taxes, costs. 
  • Introduction of boarding’s: Equipment, goods and sales. 
  • Control of available space for commercial routes. 
  • Gantt Graphic planning with available space, status and available meters 
  • Gantt per cargo ship in real time. 
  • EDI: Connection de the Port Authorities
  • EDI: Connection with transport companies, automatic entry of boarding’s 
  • and follow-up (Track & Trace) of their status by the transport companies. 
  • CUBE OLAP & BI: 
    • or For statistics, cargo meter price, line… 
    • or Invoicing per client, month, deviations etc… 
  • Track&Trace for boarding customer: 
  • Online invoices, introduction, follow-up and boarding knowledge, statistics

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