About us

Since 1998, AndSoft provides software and consultancy services for transport and logistics. Our products TMS, TMS Maritime and FMS are 100% web based.

We offer complete solutions in the management of the supply chain with a TMS for transportation management, a FMS for fleet and workshop management and a Maritime TMS for maritime transportation management. 

Our offer covers all types of services:

Logistics operators
FTL : Full truck load
LTL : Less than truck load
Parcel shipping
Air cargo
Maritime transport

Our company from Andorra gets offices in France, Spain and Lithuania. AndSoft is also present throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East with more than 300 clients in 18 countries. Some of our clients are amongst the biggest logistics operators in the Europe.


On a very competitive market, AndSoft stands out on the market thanks to:

  • Edge cutting innovative solutions : development with web technologies since the year 2000 and a sustained innovative strategy with important investments in R&D.
  • International solutions: multi-language, multi-companies, multi-sites and multi-currencies. Flexibility to handle Internationalization: connectivity to carriers and customs, differing rate structures and international shipping and usage requirements.
  • Flexible and open solutions: It supports customizations and changes in real-time . Our applications are collaborative and offer the possibility to our clients to be autonomous in the management and evolution of their own application, we build a flexible relationship with IT departments of Transportation companies.
The AndSoft products are for all types of companies: small businesses, small and medium businesses and big businesses; we also position ourselves as a services company capable of meeting the specific needs of each company. Upstanding and efficient, we offer to our clients a real partnership based and trust and exchange of skills.