Our transport and logistics applications are developed on the most recent and performing standard computer software: HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, .NET, ASP, C#.

It offers an optimal answer to your needs in exchanging data in real time, be it for internal or external resources, as with clients and partners.

an innovative technology

  • Open solutions, multi company, multi sites and multi-language 
  • Unique data base shared amongst all our applications (same third party data base, hardware, consolidated statistics data base)
  • Easy and secure sharing of internal information (agency, relay points, personal mobile) or external (with clients and suppliers) via a simple web access. 
  • Communication with linked applications (social data, finances, technics)
  • Open solutions apt to be interfaced with all editors de general accountancy, mains agents in on board computing…


real flexibility

  • Create your own solution adapted to your needs: add news connections or new modules at all times
  • Free management of your information thanks to our solutions needing no intervention on the work interfaces (PC, PDA, terminals…)
  • Choose the solution best adapted to your company strategies: installation on your server or external on our hosting platforms (SaaS – Cloud Computing).


support and personalised monitoring

  • Benefit from a support system integrated into and throughout the application: each user can make a request for support, be it for corrections or assistance, directly from his/her work environment and indicate the level of urgency. 
  • Be assured of a real reactivity: each demand is centralised on an intranet, therefor treated in the best delay possible by the developers or consultants connected. 
  • You can then trace resolved supports thanks to a return via mail.


Mastering of software budget

  • Decrease your indirect management costs by limiting the interventions of your providers (no intervention of our team when changing a PC or for updates)
  • Have full control of your providers and choose your computer hardware supplier 
  • Limit your budget when it comes to the travel expenses of our consultants: the web technology enables our technical teams to execute mots parameters, personalization and developments, conceptions of edition, tests and validation in back office.



  • Hardware platform : windows
  • Mono or multi-site, client or multi-client : multi-site, multi-client multi-currency, multi-language
  • Developed in the following languages: ASP, C#, Java using Ajax and jQuery all in HTML5
  • Data bases : Sql Server

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