Deployed nearly 1,000 customer sites in over 15 countries, AndSoft meets current and future needs of its customers with a wide range of transportation management software (e-TMS, e-WMS and e-FMS) and modules, we have a flexible as well as customer service with technical support architect.

Franck PallÚ

IT Manager
Rhenus Logistics

Rhenus Logistics

Rhenus Logistics is one of the leaders in Europe in logistics, from parcel traffic to multimodal transport; they have been using the e-TMS by AndSoft since 2007.
At present the application is being used on 6 sites in France and manages more than 250 000 transports a year.
Even though their main activity is logistics, they wanted to be able to offer their clients a more complete service and therefore the decision was made to equip the company with a TMS.

Franck Pallé, director of IT projects governance shares with us the motivations behind favoring AndSoft as their product of choice:

« AndSoft was chosen for its quality of service and availability. The flexibility of the tool was also a big factor in the decision making ; we have many specificities and their solution was able to adapt to them.
Finally the web technology and its advantages help in the final decision making »
Later on, the Tracking module was added to the TMS and projects to further develop the products are today underway for more ergonomics, more KPI and performance ».

Robert Gouverneur

Technical maintenance

Geodis BM

Geodis BM operates over the whole of Europe and offers road transport services since the thirties, specializing in controlled temperature transport and bulk transport. Working with 5000 vehicles, 4000 collaborators, of which 120 people are in maintenance in 22 workshops throughout France.

Geodis BM has used AndSoft’ e-FMS for 5 years now as a management tool for the maintenance of its vehicles.
At the time the challenge was to find a versatile product that would be able to be integrated with the existing operational and production tools.

AndSoft’s e-FMS is a fleet and workshop management 100% web integrated software package, covering all activities linked to fleet: equipment purchases, maintenance monitoring, repair and stock management of spare parts, tires, fuel management and invoicing.

Robert Gouverneur, the company’s technical maintenance manager, is very satisfied with the application and welcomes the constant developments to the product, and the ongoing top of the range exchanges with different tools used by the company.

« Only good things can be said of this product! The e-FMS has been very well integrated into our information system, like a link in a chain ». « We are also very happy with the technical support and the relationship with the consultants is cordial and efficient »

Jean-Christophe Gavend

CEO de la empresa,
Jeantin & Casset

Jeantin & Casset

SME in the South East of France has 3 regional sites that are managing between 80 and 120 segments a day.

Why did you choose AndSoft products?

Jean-Christophe Gavend, CEO of the company:

“The web technology was one of the main reasons and the efficiency of the products. Also, working relations with the employees of the company are good and their reactivity is one of their important qualities. Along with AndSoft and with the introduction of it’s software our company has evolved from having a family orientated business management, such as a SME, to the activity of an transportation industrialist that manages its own production ».

CÚdric Decottignies

IT Manager
Express Transport


Express Transport Cooperative is situated in the South of France, AndSoft’s e-TMS has been installed on 6 sites and manages around 2000 expeditions a day.

Four years ago the company needed a software adapted to their structure and to be specific for the invoicing of their expeditions.

« And we found it with AndSoft! » tells us Cédric Decottignies, IT manager of the company.

The software is permanently growing and we are now using the tracking with PDA and parcel monitoring.

« We have a relationship of ongoing development with AndSoft ; the invoicing continues to evolve as does the tracking, and today we are heading towards the scanning of transport notes with code bars »

Pierre Petit



STAF is a company specialised in refrigerated transport and urban deliveries, especially within the Paris region and has many clients in supermarket distribution.

The company has 450 vehicles and does between 600 and 650 rounds a day.

STAF has been using the e -TMS by AndSoft and the park management for 5 years now to manage operations, invoicing, pricing and a lot of specificities have been developed for them.

Why did you chose AndSoft ?

«Firstly we liked the web environment and the ease with which the applications can be parameterized.

But what was decisive, were our meetings with Stéphane BERTEIL, CEO of AndSoft, who positioned himself as a service company and assured us the product adapts to the activity and not the other way round».


« And that is what really happened! A lot of specificities were developed and our company has continued its ascension » these are the thoughts of Pierre Petit, IT manager of the company.