e-TMS by AndSoft is a web based Transportation Management System


Our transportation management system, e-TMS© by AndSoft includes the whole process of transport of goods in which all departments of the company are involved, from order entry to the transfer to accounting, including planning-dispatching, execution–tracking, invoicing and reporting KPI phases.

The statistic cube module helps in decision making.

Master files and global settings

  • Companies, entities, sites, stations and unlimited logistics centers.
  • Activities, products and their restrictions.
  • Drivers, restrictions and unavailable times.
  • Vehicles, restrictions and unavailable times.
  • Third parties, dealings and restrictions. Addresses.
  • Load/unload.
  • Subcontractors, commissions, tariffs, vehicles and drivers.
  • Activity zones.
  • Customized routes
  • Transport plans.
  • Pick-up trips, lanes, delivery trips.
  • Users, permits crossed by groups and by charges.

Order entry

  • Fast order entry.
  • Various loading/unloading points and others such as cleaning of vehicles or cross decking.
  • Cost control in real time.
  • Visualization in real time of margins, profits percentage.
  • Mapping and distance calculator.
  • Advanced pricing per origin, destination, items, clients and type of transport, etc.
  • Automatic price range of insurances, cash on delivery.
  • Periodic expeditions/models, contracts, loose cargo, budgets, dossiers, direct invoices.
  • Entry and follow-up of orders via the Intranet, Internet, EDI (PULL client).

Creating tariffs by protocol

  • Subcontracting and assignment of the order with margin control according to parameters.
  • Notes on a specific client or driver information (requisites, slow payer, notifications about driver, etc.).
  • Automatic management of transport restrictions, associated to a vehicle, transported item and driver.
  • Printing of transport instructions for subcontractors.
  • Printing of documents associated with the execution of the transport (shipping order, delivery note, CMR, route sheet, labels, fax to the subcontractor, bar code etc.).
  • Rupture of the order on various legs/segments for assignment to multiple resources and change of planning.
  • Consolidation of load for loose load, fractioned load.
  • Assignment of pick-up and delivery routes.
  • Complete control of date and time.
  • Visualization of the work planning and availability of resources (Gantt).
  • Search for the closest resource and date.
  • Added transported resource (crane, container, etc.)

Maximum diversity of tariffs

Flexibility is one of the major characteristics of the AndSoft systems.

  • The system permits amongst other possibilities, to create client and supplier tariffs: creation, printing, change
  • Input of tariffs for a period of time with parameters such as:
    • minimum quantity and minimum price
    • validity date
    • item, unity of measure (fixed, variable or percentage)
    • client or supplier and type of vehicle
    • Configurable by origin, destination and route.
  • Tariff follow-up. 
  • Tariff operations.
  • Selection per client / supplier or item – Output / Arrival
    • Increase, suppression, transfer 
    • Management of the next tariffs
    • Copy of tariffs
  • Creation of automatic tariffs with various sales lines.
  • Management of doubtful accounts.
  • Creation of tariffs by protocol


  • Graphic planning of vehicles, employees, trailers and subcontractors (Drag & Drop)
  • Dividing of costs, income and time margins in real time per section.
  • Design of transport plans, pick-up routes, delivery routes.
  • List of availabilities.
  • Subcontractors, follow-up of the subcontractor’s vehicles and employees.
  • Creation of cargo assemblies, calculation of weight limits, volume, pallets and limited risk per vehicle.
  • Breach of load / multi resources per expedition. Ferry control.
  • Vehicle search/closest driver to a section waiting to be assigned.
  • Distance between vehicles/drivers for waiting orders, in the same province or bordering.
  • Cartography.
  • Situation reports, group of waiting vehicles and orders on map.
  • Follow-up of hardware and inventory per points, containers.
  • Follow-up and pallet management.
  • Distance calculator, cost per kilometre for load and unload, cost per hour.
  • AWB, BL, CMR and a big number of associated printable formats.
  • Advanced search and memorization of searches per user/group.

Dynamic graphic planning’s in Gantt diagram

One of the major competitive advantages that E-TMS offers is the possibility to assign and unassign loads to vehicles or trailers in a dynamic and visual way with “drag & drop”. This technology facilitates the work of transport agents especially in companies of Full Load, cargo assembly or agencies, working in a friendly and easy environment.

By moving the resource or orders bar we will be able to easily complete our planning with either daily or for pre-planned assignments.

The application will take into account the driving time done by the driver. Information given to us threw the on-board computer of some of the existing suppliers

The closest resources will be taken into account for evaluation of the assignment to avoid as much as possible having void kilometres.

Recon ducting of unavailable resources (unavailability due to holidays, illness, own days etc.), is contemplated as well as possible breakdowns or stays in the workshop for review of the vehicles.

Also these bars will be an indicator of the percentage of realization of the service, as well as an analysis of the delivery or possible delay of said service, enabling to take the necessary corrective actions if needed.

Assignment of resources via multi-screen management (2 or 3). The operators can work with two real life screens and therefore facilitating planning and assigning.



  • Tracking of the orders by mapping, location of the package on
    map in real time (AndGPS needed).
  • Incidents, events and times of service, projected time, real
    time, in the case of a non-carry out.
  • Traffic and invoicing alerts.
  • Entry via WEB, GSM-GPRS, Satellite or others.
  • Integration with digital tachograph.
  • Incidents, quality control and customer service.
  • Multi-level tracking: internal, expeditor and addressee, e-mail or Web Management of Pallets.


Automated notifications to clients and collaborators

Automated management mailing of agreed information: 

  • Delivery and Pick-up alarms.

  • Delays. 
  • Lists or daily statistics. 
  • Electronic invoices 
  • Scanned conformities. 
  • Etc.
  • The information can be programmed during the day, per day of the week, per event, etc., and this information is automatically updated.

    Being able to manage “unforeseen events” in all the applications enables the client to mark and define his work flow in relation to his client’s, saving on internal costs, certifying the sent information and therefore gaining competence and productivity.

    Can be sent directly via: 

  • E-mail 
  • Fax (with automated system on the market). 
  • SMS (with main operators or automated systems on the market). 
  • On-board computer for automated communication with the drivers.

Incidents management. Quality and non-quality

Available throughout the whole application, not just for management. We apply the procedures of quality and incidents to everything, clients and supplier, invoices, receipts, etc. 

  • The client can parameterize “what and how” he wants to analyse his company. 
  • Control of costs resulted from Non Quality. 
  • Control of disputes, sanctions and fines and their management. 
  • Management of recovered sums. 
  • Document management of the incident. Scanning of attached documents.


  • Sales invoices.
  • Credit notes.
  • Groupings per destination, third parties, items…
  • Invoicing company depending on different parameters.
  • Purchase invoices.
  • Auto invoicing of third parties, subcontractors. Sales checking.
  • Accounting exporting is compatible and adaptable with leading products on the market.
  • Driver and staff financial management.
E-tms Facturation

Statistics and monitoring

  • Can be done by all the users. 
  • Client Historical. 
  • Resource optimization. 
  • Price per kilometre for load and unload. 
  • Income and expenses per trailer, drivers and third parties. 
  • Income and expenses per transported item. 
  • Sales per provinces/localities of origin/destination 
  • Multilevel statistics customizable with cube OLAP. 
  • Export to pdf, Excel, Word …

Control of structural costs

Imported from accounting, they will be a part of the three global costs (together with fleet expenses and direct costs) that will be deducted at each of the expeditions or trips to obtain the most adjusted ratios of yield per service.

In accounting we will define the percentage of use of the structural costs.