On a very competitive market, AndSoft is convinced of the need of working in collaboration with its clients.

Collaborative software

We offer a close collaboration with the IT department and the people in charge of the project in order to work together in the evolution of the solutions installed.
This enables our clients, if they wish to; to make their IT system more efficient programing and personalising it autonomously without having to systematically require the editors to do it for them.

Our teams develop the applications with standard tools and processes and our data base is open and nominative. Therefor the client can do his own developments.

Also this collaborative way of working enables us to improve the contents of our transport management applications – thanks on the one hand to the propositions made by our clients and on the other hand to important investments in R&D.

To sum up, the collaborative software is an innovative way to adapt new technologies to the information system of a company and has a “collaborative” work philosophy whereby the client is free to make his/her solution evolve.