e-FMS is a fleet management software, 100% web integrated into the AndSys platform

e-FMS is a fleet management software, 100% web integrated into the AndSys platform, that covers all processes from purchasing materials for the workshop, the control of maintenances, repairs, tires, fuel, to the their invoicing.

Interface with the statistics module for data mining.

e-FMS is a part of AndSys, and is integrated with e-TMS (transport management software). An internal and external chat is now available on the e-FMS, becoming the first FMS on the market to feature a social network.


e-FMS permits the following functionalities :

  • Preventive or periodic maintenances
  • Purchase and inventory of parts
  • Own workshop and external
  • Tire control
  • External expenses
  • Customer invoicing
  • Fuel consumption, communication with oil tankers
  • Investment previsions and anomalies
  • Help in decision making

Master files – General settings

  • More than 100 base files – master files 
  • Companies, delegations and logistics centre – Multi Company 
  • Vehicle data file – Technical characteristics, permits and contracts 
  • Inventory – Follow up of inventory by location 
  • Composed items 
  • Workshop staff 
  • Clients and suppliers 
  • Advanced invoicing tariffs 
  • Set of vehicles 
  • Others

Preventive or periodic maintenance

Purchases and inventory

  • Orders
  • Supplier delivery notes / receipt management
  • Supplier invoices
  • Follow up of inventories and alarms and their inventory


  • Purchase bills
  • Sales bills
  • Sales to third parties (third party workshop)
  • Fuel sales


  • Help in decision making
  • Allocation of expenses per percentage to the different parties that intervene
  • Expense history
  • Fuel consumption
  • Kilometer price for load/no loads
  • Income and expenses per vehicle
  • Inventory of vehicles
  • Multi level statistics adaptable to the needs of the user
  • Planning of the automatic generating of advanced statistics
  • Export to pdf, Excel, Word …

Tires follow up

  • Historical of the positioning of the tire
  • Associated expenses
  • Visual interface

Fuel consumption

  • Consumption per vehicle.
  • Import of data from oil tankers.
  • Import of data from the gas pumps.
  • Import of fuel cards.

Management workshop


Internal and external expenses

  • Repair orders and Workshop 
  • Follow up of staff services 
  • External orders and supplier bills 
  • Inventory follow- up

Supplier expenses invoicing control

Possibility of invoicing directly the different expenses (fuel, toll, telephones, ect.) occurred during the trips done by the driver or drivers of the supplier, consolidated into a unique bill.

Control of neglect to guarantee the return of trip expenses occurred through third parties.