AndSoft has purchased an important percentage of its partner SCM Software


Víctor Vilas, AndSoft’s Business Development Manager and  Robert Komarovič, SCM Softwares’ Co-Founder, signed the contract in which Andsoft has purchased an important percentage of shareholdings of SCM Software. Both companies have been collaborating for four years in the development of technological projects for transport fleets in Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine and Estonia.

Victor Vilas went to the TransRussia trade fair (21st – 24th April) during which the last details of the contact where settled and the operation was finalized. The Business Development Manager highlighted the importance of this business agreement: “AndSoft’ technological platform, e-TMS, full web is being used by transport and logistics companies in 14 countries in Europe. For a few years already amongst the implement languages we have Lithuanian and Russian. “By purchasing shareholdings of SCM Software, AndSoft has strengthened its position in the Baltic countries with its own structure and local consultants. The four years of collaboration with SCM Software have provide a major acceptance from Baltic transporters towards the AndSoft trade mark and all our solutions. For this reason, we will gradually be able to implement our corporate and branding culture.

For his part Robert Komarovič, SCM Softwares’ Co-founder said that the purchase made by AndSoft is only the beginning of a big Project:  “If we take a look at the economic prospects for the Baltic markets there is a disparity between figures. Nevertheless Lithuania has an economical growth forecast of 3,5 % in 2016 and of 3,7% in 2017. Also, the Russian Federation will leave behind negative figures in the following years and in 2017 their national wealth is forecasted to grow 1,1 %. These are new horizons of hope whereby peoples purchasing power will be increased and therefor the transport of merchandise will also increase. This is what AndSoft is preparing for, to be a software supplier specialized for transport fleets in their own language, Lithuanian or Russian.”

chiffres GDP 2010-2017

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