Dispam and AndSoft : Connected cold chain - The challenge of the synergy of solutions


Aware of the current challenges of transport and logistics, the Dispam group, a French specialist in refrigerated transport, trusted AndSoft to completely rethink their procedures, and make full traceability of goods one of the pillars of its economic standards.
A digital transformation focused on customer satisfaction

The project was initiated by a prior transformation of mentalities and processes within the company. This upstream preparation made possible a logical, orderly and “customer satisfaction” oriented digitalization.

For Dispam, traceability had to be done for each pallet transported. Thanks to AndSoft's "TrackAPP" application, and by integrating all the constraints of cold logistics, each operation at the dock or during delivery is now "tracked" in real time. One or more photos can be added for each operation.
“With the implementation of e-TMS, AndSoft's TMS, we wanted to centralise all the data, at the dock and for the drivers, in order to avoid operators having to juggle between different monitoring tools, while preserving our customers of any additional cost ”explains Neil Parker, CIO of Dispam. The group thus offers its customers a service in accordance with its economic standards, which provides them with various traceability tools without additional pricing.

With the implementation of e-TMS, transparency is maximised for customers, who can be informed of any event through a dedicated portal, or through integrations with their systems. "The greatest success of this project is the automation of the entire logistics chain, which has enabled 100% traceability, in particular using IoT," specifies Guillaume Albelda, Managing Director of AndSoft, from collections to deliveries, by integrating quayside operations, through our TrackAPP ​​solution ”
Centralise again and again

In order to maximize the number of traced pallets, AndSoft and Dispam have also set up two applications which provide additional data and further centralise operations:

• Application for "Vehicle control" allows the verification of vehicles via a list of compliance control points, defined by Dispam.
• "Collaborative Trips Pool" application: within the mobility tools themselves, a shared travel pool has been set up so that drivers can connect to it and choose the trip to carry out. A collaborative tool that increases task optimization and driver satisfaction.
Collaborative Standard Software

Dispam has also significantly improved its competitiveness thanks to its joint work with AndSoft, called Collaborative Standard Software. A collaborative formula that allows the customer to take charge of part of developments themselves.
In this case, the AndSoft project team worked with the developers of Dispam's IT department to evolve the e-TMS solution, while ensuring the stability and evolution of the platform.

Dispam is thus free to respond quickly and efficiently to specific requests from its customers, without having to systematically subcontract with the publisher. Standard Collaborative Software is a definite differential value for Dispam, according to Neil Parker: “AndSoft offers us great flexibility in our processes: our internal resources can develop certain elements, which gives us a real competitive advantage, and leaves us free to adapt the product to our needs. "

AndSoft's e-TMS platform is the centre of operations and responds to the strategic transformation plan launched in 2018 by Neil Parker, CIO of Dispam.

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