AndSoft presents its last innovation:” e-TMS Social Conversation Tool”


AndSoft presents its last innovation:” e-TMS Social Conversation Tool”

15 April 2014

AndSoft, the European Company specialised in developing software for transport and logistics companies, recently presented its last innovation:” e-TMS Social Conversation Tool”

AndSoft has incorporated the technology used in social networks in its e-TMS and e-FMS management system. The incorporation of the 2.0 technology in e-TMS by AndSoft® has made it the first system in the transport and logistics sector to offer maximum information, details and landmarks occurring amongst its employees, in managements for and by clients. This is a necessary evolution with high technological qualities, bringing to the logistics community a new “Media Network” tool for clients and Partners, thought for the basics of the business. In other words increasing control, productivity and competitiveness.



1. Access to the network in which appears the logistics transit of goods
2. A new chat network for the logistics managers of the shipping
3. Transparency in the efficiency of the supply chain
4. Restricted online chat
5. A log file of all conversations by order number and date
6. Positive feedback, comments and sharing on other networks
7. Access via computer, smartphone or tablet
8. Harmonizing of the logistics jargon for the final client


This innovation has been presented to the 14th Innovation Award which took place during the SITL 2014 in Paris.


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