CORSICA linea chooses AndSoft’s Maritime TMS


The Corsican regional maritime company, CORSICA linea, has chosen the AndSoft maritime e-TMS for its digital transformation.

In 2018, CORSICA linea generated more than 1 015 000 lineal meters in freight: trailers with or without driver, exceptional and outsized transport, controlled temperature merchandise, dangerous goods and vehicles (cars) transport. Leader in transport of merchandise in Corsica, they have chosen AndSoft’s maritime e-TMS to help manage their activity.
Elements that have been set up :
  • Maritime e-TMS by AndSoft,
  • Client web portal,
  • TrackAPP mobile app for the port staff and stevedores for the inputting of bookings (input of the status of the trailers and different vehicles boarding).
Improvement and digitalisation of the business processes

The deployment of the Maritime e-TMS, a flexible and scalable global system, has enabled CORSICA linea to manage pre-bookings, bookings, tickets, boarding, unboarding, charges and the invoicing of operations.
The install of the TrackAPP app used by the port staff means they no longer need to use paper, ”zero paper”,  and the process is fully dematerialised.
Transformation of the client experience

The install of the Maritime e-TMS by AndSoft has enabled CORSICA linea to offer an optimal client experience thanks to the install of a specific web portal where the client can manage all these steps.
e-TMS Portals also enables the client to place a booking, to follow the transport and to access all the documents and invoices linked to the freight.
OCTAEDRA, a first plan support for this project

CORSICA linea is advised by the company OCTAEDRA, based in Ajaccio and managed by Ange TORTI.
SMEs with 8 employees, OCTAEDRA has 20 years’ experience in air and maritime transport, in software editing and consulting in transport and logistics. OCTAEDRA has been able to bring to CORSICA linea organisation and organisational technicality, with the support of a small team in the company, and a sole project manager at a supplier level.
 Now OCTAEDRA’s mission is to provide technical support to the CORSICA linea’s staff in the use of the e-TMS, and project management for future evolutions.

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