e-WMS Warehouse Management System

e-WMS by andsoft is a web based Warehouse Management System. 

It covers all stages of the business, from receipt of merchandise to its return. It offers complete tracking of the merchandise throughout the supply chain managed by the AndSys platform.

e-WMS is a part of AndSys, and is integrated with e-TMS (transport management software) and e-FMS (fleet management software).
An internal and external chat is now available on the e-WMS, becoming the first WMS on the market to feature a social network.


  • Prevision/reception notice (EDI or manually). 
  • Pre-entries. 
  • Reception of goods. 
  • Assignment of fixed of chaotic locations automatically or manually. 
  • Location management using LIFO, FIFO, FEFO, etc. with control of free locations. 
  • Locations.
  • Printing of location labels (bar codes). 
  • Printing of reception labels (bar codes). 
  • Cross-docking 
  • Special tariffs at entry.


  • Movements between warehouses. 
  • Optimization of paths (Pathfinding). 
  • Optimization of space.
  • Optimization of movements. 
  • Redeployment of goods. 
  • Quarantines and conditions of neighboring goods. 
  • Incidents.


  • EDI reception of orders. 
  • Preparation of goods. 
  • Grouping of orders by destination. 
  • Picking / Kitting. 
  • Automatic location selection. 
  • Automatic printing of transport expeditions in AsTrans: transport management Software. 
  • Special tariffs in output.


  •  Visual map of the warehouse with functions drag & drop.
  • Advanced search function of multiple criterias.
  • Graphic visualization of the storage in the warehouse.
  • Creation and localization of locations reserved for the clients or goods.
  • Creation of special zones in the warehouse.
  • Blocking of spaces (works, incidents, etc.)


  • Warehousing. 
  • Movements. 
  • Entries and outputs, customized services. 
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous costs. 
  • Client invoice model.


  • Picking zones, warehousing and works. 
  • Load and unload platform. 
  • Warehouses, alleys, shelves, cells. 
  • Weight and volume Control. 
  • Expeditions and receptions. 
  • Multiplicity of containers and grouping method of. 
  • Serial number control, batch, expiry date and quarantine date. 
  • Products detail. 
  • Multiple report management.
  • Control of the operators work. 
  • Activity historical. 
  • Export of data to other applications (Word, Excel, Acrobat Reader, etc.). 
  • Communication with external ERPs. 
  • Transparent communication with other systems (E.D.I.).


  • Management of inventories. 
  • Control warehouse storage space. 
  • Stock comparator. 
  • Movement control. 
  • Statistics.


  • Returns reception and devolutions with or without documentation. 
  • Medium and management of returns: preparation, manipulation, mailing… 
  • Returns zones for the management of defective goods. 
  • Management and medium in accordance with the regulations of reception of returns: Destruction, reconditioning, blockage, etc.


  • Reception and actualization of the purchase order via EDI or manually. 
  • Reception of goods against purchase order and closure of the purchase order. 
  • Printing of an entries files and management of the information on the 
  • purchase order of the client (different formats). 
  • Printing of purchase orders for the client according to minimum stock.


  • Incidents management.
  • Entries quality sampling.
  • Blocking of goods by reference, batch or zone.
  • Management of status of goods and their emplacement (quarantine, blocking, observation).
  • Statistics and quality reports per provider, zone or period.
  • Internal view of the inventory per status of quality control.


Available in the E-WMS system, radio frequency system for the management of:

User friendly, ideal for small to medium logistics operators.

The RF management via identification and scanning of code bars permits to minimize errors in the management of goods in the warehouse.

Control of:

  • Entry of goods
  • Change of location
  • Orders preparation
  • Orders preparation
  • Location: free or authorized


An internal and external social conversation tool is now available on the e-WMS, which is now the first on the market with this functionality.

Based on social media features you will be able to centralize all internal (your team) and external (customers-providers) conversations in an unique information hub: e-TMS